Single Cell Immunoassay Solutions

Single Cell Immunoassay Solutions

The tremendous advances in immunotherapy have changed the current paradigm in the treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory diseases. Through single-cell immunoassays with the help of spatial omics technology, researchers can capture gene expression changes with full-length, paired TCR/BCR information at the level of individual cells at the onset of lesions such as tumors, track changes in the immune microenvironment, find targets for immunotherapy and aid in immunotherapy.

Single-cell immune solutions we offer

CD Genomics offers a comprehensive single-cell immunoassay solution that allows for the simultaneous detection of human or mouse adaptive immune responses and the immune system of tens of thousands of T and B cells on a single-cell cellular basis. A streamlined workflow enables a complete solution from sample to library preparation, immune sequencing, and software analysis, revealing T and B cell diversity, V(D)J recombination, and immune cell analysis.

Using CD Genomics single-cell immunome library technology, researchers can realize studies of individual cells, simultaneous gene expression, and adaptive immune receptor libraries, revealing the complexity of immune cells and providing a more scalable platform for immune-omics research, helping researchers gain practical insights into infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, immunotherapy development, and cancer research.

General process

The general process of the single-cell immunization protocol

Sample requirements

  • Type: cell lines, primary cells, fresh tissues, etc.
  • Source: blood extract, magnetic bead enrichment, flow enrichment, tissue dissociation, etc.
  • Sample size: cells >5x105 /mL
  • Cell viability: >80%, the higher the better

Practical applications

Antibody identification and discovery of new antibodies. Obtain characteristic BCR sequences and shorten the antibody development process.
Autoimmune diseases. Analysis of abnormally expressed immune cells and search for biomarkers.
Early detection of cancer. Markers for cancer progression and recurrence diagnosis and study of tumor immune mechanisms.
Drug administration and vaccine evaluation. Evaluation of peripheral blood samples following drug administration for a particular disease to confirm whether the drug stimulates immune response and its efficacy.

Why choose us

  • Full-length sequencing of paired heavy and light chains (B cells) or alpha and beta chains (T cells) and pairwise information are possible.
  • Cutting-edge information analysis content, new upgrade of bioinformatics analysis with new analysis software, allowing multi-dimensional analysis of clonal polymorphisms
  • Clonotypic polymorphisms are localized to the cell population obtained from transcriptome data analysis, reflecting the state of immune cells in the population.
  • Flow sorting service is provided to realize the sorting of immune cells for one-stop realization from tissue to data, avoiding repeated freezing and thawing of cells.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.

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