Tissue Microregion Retrieval Services

Tissue Microregion Retrieval Services

Changes in cell identity and location underlie tissue development and disease progression, although single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq) technologies are capable of transcriptomic analysis of individual cells and identification of cellular states in health and disease conditions. However, these methods fail to capture spatial cellular organization in tissues due to cell dissociation, whereas spatial transcriptomics approaches circumvent the problem of cellular topology loss in tissues.

We offer tissue microregion retrieval services

Spatial transcriptomics and multiplex imaging are complementary approaches to studying tissue biology and disease. Multiparametric tissue imaging allows understanding the relationship between tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment, therefore CD Genomics performs high-resolution multiparametric imaging of tissue sections for retrieval of tissue microregions for transcriptomic analysis using spatial transcriptomics techniques, thus providing our clients with spatial tissue microregion retrieval services via multiparametric imaging of microregions and spatial sequencing.

What our clients can get

  • Detailed protocols starting from tissue fixation and leading to mapping.
  • Generate deep spatial transcriptome data and perform multiplexed imaging.
  • Identify different cell types and create spatial maps of large tissue regions at single-cell resolution.
  • Detect multiple selective markers in individual cells of complex tissues.
  • Perform rapid in situ assessment of cell states detected by scRNA-seq.
  • Perform efficient cell type identification.
  • Serve as a tool for biomarker discovery.
  • Gain insight into cellular interactions.

General service flow

The general process of tissue microregion retrieval services

Sample requirements

  • Human tissue or animal tissue (including but not limited to rat).
  • FFPE or fresh frozen tissue samples, with no restrictions on disease type or specific tissue.

*Please make your backups if you have valuable samples, or contact our staff for sample handling and shipping options.

Practical applications

  • Cell type annotation
  • Generate tumor profiles in immuno-oncology studies
  • Comparison of molecular and morphological characteristics of normal and diseased tissues
  • Assessing epigenomic changes associated with cell activation and genealogical differentiation
  • Establishing links between disease genomics and histopathology
  • Defining mechanisms regulating cell fate through tissue processes
  • Discovery of new genes

We do it better

Tissue is a mixture of multiple cell types, and sequencing and imaging specific regions of tissue is an integral part of disease research. The integration of spatial transcript analysis provided by CD Genomics with highly multiplexed tissue imaging on the microscopy platform is expected to significantly deepen our clients' understanding of disease genomics and advance the process of linking to histopathology for research and diagnosis, assisting you in making early discoveries.

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.

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