Multiparameter Tissue Analysis Services

Multiparameter Tissue Analysis Services

The increasing potential for multiplexed analysis at the cellular and subcellular resolution allows researchers to perform multiparametric analysis of organelles, cells, and tissues while preserving the spatial context. In particular, multiparametric analysis of pathological tissue samples can provide critical spatial contextual information for research in human autoimmune diseases, immuno-oncology, and many other fields, thereby advancing the discovery of biomarkers in immuno-oncology therapies and other diseases.

We offer multiparametric tissue analysis solutions

CD Genomics provides multi-parametric tissue analysis research services that have been adopted by hundreds of laboratories worldwide. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and support systems that meet the throughput and standardization requirements of our customers for large-scale translational research, we provide our customers with a complete end-to-end multi-parametric tissue analysis solution that provides clues to tissue homeostasis and the biological mechanisms underlying disease.

General service flow

The general process of multiparametric tissue analysis

Sample requirements

  • Human tissue or animal tissue (including but not limited to rat).
  • FFPE or fresh frozen tissue samples, with no restrictions on disease type or specific tissue.

*Please make your backups if you have valuable samples, or contact our staff for sample handling and shipping options.

Meeting the practical needs of our clients

CD Genomics aims to provide comprehensive analyses of tissue states, and our technical services are required by our clients to study different cellular and molecular landscapes in tissue samples with high cellular complexity to gain insight into the relationship between molecular distribution and tissue health and to deepen insights into the molecular microenvironment associated with the different functional and metabolic states of cellular subtypes. Whether your research focus is immuno-oncology, rheumatology, endocrinology, or neurology, our solutions can meet your needs.

Our technical advantages

  • Detection of up to 100 markers on a single tissue section, enabling the discovery of new biomarkers.
  • Optimized assay reagents combined with validated antibodies with proprietary barcoding for a simple, automated workflow.
  • Enables in situ analysis of intercellular interactions, tissue structure, and new cell types with restricted space.
  • Allows large-scale spatial analysis of every cell on the entire slide tissue.

We do it better

CD Genomics provides innovative and efficient technology services to researchers in the life sciences and medical fields to enable spatially resolved quantitative multiparametric tissue analysis at the cellular and subcellular levels. With our team and technology, we can develop and deliver integrated solutions in the rapidly evolving field of multiparametric tissue analysis to advance our clients' next generation of tissue analysis.

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.

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