10X Genomics Visium

10X Genomics Visium

Cells of human tissues

Visium spatial gene expression, a hot new assay technology in the industry today, enables researchers to analyze the entire transcriptome information in intact tissue sections, providing critical information for understanding the relationship between cellular functional phenotype and tissue location.

CD Genomics uses 10X Genomics Visium to combine tissue sections with transcriptome sequencing, allowing analysis of the entire transcriptome from fresh or FFPE tissues, enabling the acquisition of spatial and transcriptomic information, adding information on the spatial distribution of gene expression, and obtaining high intra-tissue resolution.

Visium spatial transcriptome sequencing solution enables spatial visualization of gene expression in various tissues without target presetting. By mapping gene expression data to H&E images through data analysis and visualization, the spatial structure of gene expression and cell composition of the same sample can be easily characterized to obtain a full picture of biology from tissue sections.

10X Genomics Visium experiment flow - CD Genomics

Technology features

The 10x Genomics spatial transcriptome for library construction has four capture regions on each slide, each with a size of 6.5 × 6.5 mm and containing 5,000 barcoded spots, each with a diameter of 55 μm and a distance of 100 μm between the centers of the spots, and each with a unique barcode sequence.

The mRNA is released from the cells of the tissue section, and the mRNA migrating to each spot is tagged with the corresponding barcode sequence, and then the library is constructed and sequenced. Finally, CD Genomics analyzes the data based on its barcode information to determine which data came from which location, allowing visualization of spatial gene expression.

CD Genomics utilizes 10X Genomics Visium technology to detect any gene in any pathway, address tissue heterogeneity and reveal the cell type and state of spatial tissues in a morphological context through transcriptome sequencing analysis of tissue samples. In addition, by combining with immunofluorescence (IF) technology, protein and gene expression information can be visualized at the same time.

CD Genomics provides technical services that can be used to gain a comprehensive understanding of disease complexity, discover new biomarkers, map the spatial organization of cellular profiles, and identify spatio-temporal gene expression patterns.


  • We are experienced in sectioning and patching and have optimized solutions for different tissues.
  • We have a well-established analysis process to accurately and quickly resolve spatial transcriptome data.
  • We have the rich practical experience and have built up a standardized internal control system.
  • We provide a full set of services for tissue freezing and embedding, patching, sectioning, permeabilization, library sequencing, and data analysis.
  • Our senior technical team has many years of experience in project design, experimental operation, and post-sales analysis.
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.

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