Single Cell Copy Number Solutions

Single Cell Copy Number Solutions

Copy number variation (CNV) is one of the major pathogenic genetic factors in humans, and CNV plays an important role in the development of diseases, especially psychiatric diseases. In traditional CNV detection methods, CNV in some cell subtypes within the same sample may be masked by population averaging. In contrast, single-cell CNV focuses on CNV in a single cell, reflecting the problem at the individual level and offering the possibility to study disease pathogenesis at the single-cell level, reveal genomic heterogeneity and understand clonal evolution.

Single-cell CNV solutions we offer

CD Genomics offers a single-cell CNV solution that captures thousands of cells at once and detects copy number variation at the single-cell level. Such a technology platform allows us to detect rare clones down to 1% and has a wide range of applications in the field of tumor heterogeneity and tumor tissue typing. Our clients have used single-cell CNV analysis in a variety of fields including oncology, neuroscience, human genetics, and stem cell research.

General procedure

  • Individual cells are captured using microfluidic chips, resulting in gel beads (CBs) containing cells.
  • The cells are lysed while maintaining the overall structure of the CBs.
  • The CBs and the gel beads with barcodes are passed through microfluidics to form labeled single cell fractions (CBGBs).
  • Single-cell genomic DNA is captured in this two-step process and tagged with a barcode.
  • These barcodes are used in subsequent sequencing analysis as the only evidence of being of cellular origin.

Bioinformatics analysis process

Bioinformatics analysis process

Sample requirements

Cell type: single-cell suspensions, tissue samples, nuclei

Sample type: fresh, frozen tissue

Cell number: ≥1×105

Cell activity: >80%

Application prospects

Somatic mutations, genetic drift, and selective pressures can rapidly produce heterogeneity within tumors, especially in advanced cancers and tumors with abnormal DNA repair. CD Genomics offers single-cell CNV to detect rare mutations and subclonal populations, and thus reconstruct the evolutionary process of tumors. Clients can use our services to reveal genetic heterogeneity of tumors, assess copy number distribution at single-cell resolution, distinguish tumors from normal cells, and reveal the true ploidy of tumor cells.

We do it better

  • High throughput, can detect thousands of cells simultaneously
  • Accurate detection of single-cell CNV events with a resolution of 2 Mb
  • Detects CNV events in cell clusters down to 100 Kb
  • Samples can be cell lines, primary cells, fresh and frozen tissues
  • High sensitivity for subclonal detection and detection of low-frequency subclones
For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.

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